Naperville Illinois Foundation Repair

Perhaps a basement concrete block wall is bowing or the windows and doors aren't closing properly. Drywall is cracking for no apparent reason, you've discovered a horizontal crack along your poured concrete foundation wall or a corner of your house seems to have dropped a little. All of these occurrences may indicate foundation movement which is significant enough to warrant a structural repair.

Bowing wall and/or lateral foundation movement - There are two good options for stabilizing foundations which exhibit signs of lateral movement - carbon fiber straps and helical wall anchors. Concrete block walls are often candidates for either type of repair, depending on the extent of the movement. Poured walls usually require the installation of wall anchors due to the inherent structural components of a concrete foundation. Consulting with a qualified structural engineer is recommended so that any and all structural issues present are adequately addressed.

Vertical foundation movement - Stopping a foundation from sinking is the goal of helical piers. There are two general types of helical piers available, each with a different purpose. Construction piers are typically installed under concrete slabs, either existing or to-be-poured, where the soil beneath is questionable and may not adequately support the concrete and the weight of the structure on it. Bracket piers are installed when foundation stabilization or, in some cases, lifting a foundation is required. Again, consulting with a qualified structural engineer is recommended.

Other structural repairs include the repair or replacement of basement beams and/or columns and the stabilization of foundation wall or garage wall cracks.