About CementWorks LLC

Oswego Illinois Basement Waterproofing

We are a family-owned business, the next generation of Allied Concrete Repair, collaborating and building on 30 years of experience and reliable customer service. Our goal is to provide honest, cost effective foundation repair and water mitigation solutions to our customers by employing a holistic approach to diagnosing and solving concrete and foundation problems - problems which can present themselves at any time during the life of the concrete or foundation. We have a unique place in an otherwise crowded market because our approach brings water mitigation, structural repair, concrete construction and concrete repair knowledge and experience together to meet individual and specific needs.

As a professional construction company, you can expect us to adhere to and utilize our industry's processes and procedures, including compliance with municipal building codes and American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards. At least one of our partners is present, from start to finish, on every job so you may be assured of the quality of the work performed.

Because of our lengthy and diverse experience in this field, we are particularly well qualified to not only assess the situation accurately and perform the necessary repairs competently, but refer you to other specialists if and when necessary. We stand behind our work and our warranties are easily transferred when you sell your home. Your questions are welcome and we look forward to working with you.