Naperville Illinois Concrete Construction

In addition to the following, we also install or replace sump pits, pumps and discharge systems, repair or remove and replace window wells (including their drains) and inspect existing drain tile systems using our diagnostic remote camera technology.

Concrete Construction, Repair and Replacement
If you are planning a room addition or, perhaps, building a new garage, we can provide the concrete footings and foundation walls your structure requires. Working from your drawings and with your municipality and carpenter, our crew has the experience and attention to detail that will get your project off to a great start.

We can also remove and replace your garage floor when time and the elements have taken their toll. The process can be a very cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire garage, especially when the structure itself is still in good condition.

Besides the concrete wall repairs discussed earlier, there is a wide range of "cosmetic" repairs which can be effected. Most are not permanent in nature but can, in some cases, be cost effective if the existing concrete is otherwise competent. Repairs to patios, sidewalks, staircases and stoops are usually possible while driveways and garage floors are much more problematic. Keep in mind that cosmetic repairs are usually evidenced by a color variance in the materials (existing concrete versus patching material) and, from a curb appeal point-of-view, may not be desirable.

Our concrete flatwork business is limited to the replacement of concrete that we remove in the process of performing other water mitigation or structural work.

Excavation and Hauling
Over the years, we have been asked by customers to perform excavations for new plumbing, septic or sewer lines, deliver loads of gravel or top soil or haul away piles of dirt. Price quotes for excavation and hauling include a base trucking charge plus mileage. Price quotes for material delivery include a base trucking charge, mileage and our cost of the material delivered, passed on to you at no additional charge. Please note that we limit hauling to concrete, asphalt, gravel and organic material (i.e., clay, dirt and/or top soil) only.